Mobetto: I was ready to play second wife role to Diamond Platnumz

Video vixen Hamisa Mobetto now says she was ready to become musician Diamond Platnumz’s second wife, with Ugandan businesswoman, Zari Hassan, as the singer’s first partner.

Speaking in Kenya during a radio interview, Ms Mobetto said she embarked on dating Diamond knowing too well he was committed in another relationship with Zari.

“I asked him what he wanted from me, given he was seeing Zari at the time. Diamond told me that being a Muslim faithful, he was mandated, according to Islamic Sharia, to marry more than one wife. I was ready to share him with another woman. And if I was his first wife, I would allow him to marry other women,” said Ms Mobetto.

Ms Mobetto and Diamond had a fling in December, 2016, resulting in a pregnancy.

The video vixen gave birth to the musician’s son in August, 2017, with Diamond admitting in a September radio interview that he had cheated on the mother of his two children, Zari Hassan, whom he split with in February, 2018.

Diamond Platnumz and Ms Mobetto have since differed publicly, with the musician accusing the model of using witchcraft to win his love.

Zari cited disrespect and unfaithfulness from Diamond as the reasons for her break up with the “Utanipenda” hit-maker.

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