Mobetto gets new lover amid doubts by ‘Gram’ users


Tanzanian video vixen-turned-entrepreneur, Hamisa Mobetto, has seemingly moved on from her failed relationship with musician Diamond Platnumz.

Mobetto took to her Instagram page on Friday, November 9 to share a picture showing her wrapping her arms around the man she claims to be her new catch.

She captioned the image: “Roho mkalia moyo. Despite being a very tall woman, I am quite short if compared to him.”

Mobetto, who is currently on a US tour, did not disclose the identity of her new man.

A section of online users are, however, skeptical about the nature of relationship between Mobetto and the new man, because of his “very American looks”.

The skeptics believe that Mobetto only took an innocent picture with him, but made it to look like she had found new love.

Mobetto – in a previous interview – said of all the women Diamond Platnumz has dated, she was the one, who the musician lasted with for a very long time, spanning close to 10 years, beginning 2009. She said, in the interview, that even when the singer had other women, including actress Wema Sepetu and Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, she was always on the side.

A December, 2016 fling between Mobetto and Diamond resulted in a pregnancy.

Mobetto gave birth to the artiste’s child – a son, Prince Dylan, who turned 1-year-old in August this year.

The ex-video vixen, in a previous interview, said she was ready to get married to Diamond Platnumz only if he accepts a daughter she has from a previous relationship.

Diamond Platnumz, however, wasn’t keen on marrying the 24-year-old, instead opting to date a Tanzanian video vixen known as Kim Nana.

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