Mistakes that will make your expensive clothes look cheap

Fashion mistakes commonly made

Looking expensive on a budget is a skill that is inherent in most fashion lovers, because buying the original designer clothes can be really expensive. However, there are times when we actually acquire a few expensive pieces, but because of our own styling mistakes, the outfits do not look as expensive. So, what are these mistakes that could make an outfit go from expensive to thrift market come-up?

Carrying a plastic bag

Trust plastic bags to downgrade your outfit in a flash. Even if you are carrying a classy handbag on the other hand the plastic bag will steal its spotlight.

Trousers sweeping the ground/sagged trousers

People will not notice how expensive your pair of trousers  is if you are letting them sweep the ground or letting them sag.

Too much makeup

However expensive your makeup brand is, it will not look great if you overdo it. Too much makeup is what clowns are made of, and when you pair clowns with an otherwise expensive outfit, it stops being funny.

Bad hair

Donning an expensive outfit and having bad hair is akin to a queen turning up in a bejewelled cloak and a crown made of thorns. The first thing the people will notice is the crown, that is, your bad hair.

Too many accessories

Accessories are good, they are bourgeois when kept at a minimum, and ghetto when overdone. The resulting look is what Kendi Burruss of Real Housewives of Atlanta would refer to as Bourghetto.

Creased clothes

Creased, wrinkled clothes look bad, it doesn’t matter if they are Coco Chanel or Tommy Hilfiger. Or Yvonne Afrostreet.

All the colours of the world advert

Colour blocking is still a cool trend, we agree, but it is a reserve of people who know their colours. If you pair expensive clothes with the wrong colours it can be your undoing.


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