How Miss Universe saved herself from a potential kidnapping


Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has revealed how she saved herself from a potential kidnapping.

“I was held up at gunpoint a month after I won Miss South Africa,” says the New York transplant.

“It was on June 7 of last year… I was in South Africa on my way to an event, and I was carjacked by five guys.”

“It was scary — but the magic of that was I did a women’s empowerment course about three months prior to the incident, where they taught me what to do if you go through a situation like that. I was driving and I stopped at a red traffic light in broad daylight . . . When I saw the weapons, I immediately surrendered and gave up the car. But when I got out of the car, the guy actually tried to push me back in . . . I said to myself, ‘I’d rather be shot here than kidnapped and never be seen again.’

“The second destination will never be better than the first. So I punched him in his throat and ran away.”

“So living in New York, no big deal… I am loving New York — there is something about the energy.”


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