I miscarried the late Mowzey Radio’s baby, Tanzanian woman claims

Tanzanian actress Ummy Wenslus, popularly known as Dokii, has claimed she dated fallen Ugandan musician Mowzey Radio – and that they were planning to tie the knot later in 2018.

Dokii alleges that she and Radio were dating secretly, though their relationship was marred by disagreements; and were not in good terms by the time he died last Thursday, February 1.

The actress also claimed she, in the past, suffered a miscarriage of Radio’s baby.

A source, who spoke to Tanzania’s Global Publishers, revealed that Dokii did not attend Radio’s burial in Kampala last Saturday because “she was really hurt by the loss”.

“I fully know that news about Radio’s death broke Dokii’s heart – so much. She, probably, won’t let everyone know what she is going through but, honestly, she is hurting,” said the source.

The insider further spilled the beans on Dokii’s pregnancy which she did not manage to carry to full term.

“When Dokii was expectant with Radio’s baby, the two differed. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage. Had that not happened, Dakii could have been a mother to Radio’s child today. The two were in the initial stages of planning their wedding,” said the source.

When reached for comment, Dokii said: “It’s true that Radio and I were dating. Our relationship was often marred by disagreements. We were not in good terms by the time he died. It is also true that I suffered a miscarriage of Radio’s baby.”

Dokii also claimed she and Radio studied together at the same music school in Uganda.

Mowzey Radio, whose real name is Moses Ssekibogo, died on Thursday, February 1 at a Kampala hospital after a ten-day coma, which was as a result of injuries he sustained during a bar brawl in Entebbe on January 22.

Radio is survived by three children, two from ex-Blu3 singer-turned radio presenter Lillian Mbabazi and a son from a Caucasian woman who has preferred to live her life out of the limelight.

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