Mike Mbuvi Sonko ‘forced’ to take off his shirt in Mathare Slums visit

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko ‘lost the shirt off his back’ on Sunday when he visited Mathare slums, Nairobi on Sunday afternoon.

The outspoken Jubilee Party legislator had gone on a tour of Mlango Kubwa area to popularize the newly launched Jubilee Party.

During the function, Sonko’s team distributed Jubilee Party branded T-shirts to the boisterous youthful crowd.

One particularly enthusiastic citizen demanded for the red branded apparel, thus forcing Senator Sonko to disrobe and hand over his T-shirt.

In a 50-second mobile phone video posted on social media, Sonko is seen removing his shirt as the crowd cheers wildly.

“Due to public demand I had to donate my T-shirt [to someone] who insisted nimpe….Nimelearn lesson to be always carrying more T-shirts and Hoods kunawatu wanazipenda sana,” he said.

The clip shows Sonko shirtless for a few moments, as one member of his team scrambles to get him a top.

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