Mike Jacobs’ message to Babu Owino


Expelled University of Nairobi SONU Chair aspirant Mike Jacobs has urged Babu Owino to leave university politics and embark on bigger challenges – such as national politics.

Speaking exclusively to eDaily, Jacobs said university politics direly need new blood.

Babu Owino in a previous interview with Citizen Digital  broke the news about his interest in representing Embakasi East in parliament in 2017 – and Jacobs says Babu should focus only on that political ambition.

“If only Babu could leave school and go into national politics, things would have been better for him than while he is vying in school and vying in Embakasi East too. Don’t you think this is greed? Why would he not allow brothers and friends from the same university to lead just the same way they gave him opportunity to lead?” posed Jacobs.

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“We have a better generation in the university, a younger generation – and it is long overdue since Babu Owino was there.

“I believe he has passed the youth age that is in the university. I think Babu has found ways of manipulating the students’ fund that is contributed by SONU members – which is basically Ksh500 for Module One and Ksh1000 for Module Two. UoN’s students’ budget has not been able to flow well for the past three years – and the money was not used as required,” Jacobs added.

Babu Owino has however dispelled Jacobs’ allegations.

Comrades Power defense

Mike Jacobs, who was expelled by UoN on April 22, defended his action of leading students to the streets to dispute SONU elections that he termed fraudulent – saying peaceful alternatives to resolving the dispute were exhausted, but no amicable solution was reached.

“There were diplomatic means to solve issues of election dispute, but it reaches a point where students demand answers – they would like to know why things happen in a certain way; they are subscribers of the union, they participate in elections that turned out to be sham. Since the university administration did not give us enough audience, we had to resort to our own way of resolving matters by shouting at the top of our voices to let people know that we are dissatisfied by what is going on,” Jacobs said.

“The University of Nairobi should be supported to get the change that they want – so that it has a very strong union. Maybe because the institution hasn’t been able to change its students’ leadership, the students are not able to get something better out of it. Change should be put in the students’ leadership of UoN.”

No change needed

Babu Owino, a third year Law degree student, maintains he is the bonafide leader of UoN Students Governing Council and that there is no change needed.

“If I would go for fresh elections, I would still win and probably with a bigger margin than what I got in the disputed election. I got 18000 votes in the April 1, 2016 SONU election. If we’d return to the poll, I would now get the whole 23000 of the bloke vote,” Babu told eDaily.

The four-time SONU Chair says he is ready to help in Mike Jacobs’ reinstatement to the institution of higher learning.

“I have no problem helping Mike Jacobs – he is a person who is nurturing his leadership skills. He really wanted to serve students interests. On humanitarian grounds, I will fight for his readmission and bring him on board to help serve the students’ interests. I would love to merge the ideas that he had with mine so that we work together – and that’s it. It is not a matter of life and death.”

Jacobs garnered 3000 votes against Owino’s 18000 votes in the April 1 SONU polls.

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