Miguna–Passaris interview: What lessons has Jeff learnt; will he host them again? He speaks out


Jeff Koinange has admitted to learning key lessons from the controversial November, 2016 interview that pitted lawyer Miguna Miguna against businesswoman Esther Passaris.

The interview went south when Miguna made a remark against Ms Passaris that Kenyans deemed to be sexually offensive.

In their hundreds, Kenyans took to social media, especially Twitter, to accuse Jeff Koinange of not reining in on Miguna at a time such an intervention was needed most.

A week later, Jeff Koinange apologised to Kenyans and quit the then-Jeff Koinange Live broadcaster KTN.

Now he says, he has learnt from his mistake(s).

“Look, we are going to have clean shows. We have a controlled environment here (Citizen TV). It is not like where we were before, where people can walk in and there is an audience. It is a controlled environment here, so obviously, we are not going to let any show get out of hand. If people were disturbed last time, we apologised later on and we saw that yes, it was never perfect; it was live television, anything could happen. But now that we are in a controlled environment here at Citizen TV, we are going to make sure that everything goes smoothly,” Jeff Koinange told EDAILY.

“From the Miguna-Passaris interview, I learnt that anything can happen on live television. So, I must always be aware, always be awake, always be smart and sharp, always be ready to jump in; just in case… Lessons learnt,” added Mr Koinange.

Given the chance, will he host Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris, as a pair, again on JKL?

Mr Koinange said: “If they want to come, anytime! I call it the rematch. It will be smoking. I don’t fear Miguna calling me a ‘socialite bimbo’. Miguna is a run-away train; he says whatever comes to his mind. But I think: if both were to agree to come back to the show, why not? It will be smoking, but controlled!”

Jeff Koinange is expected to host his first show on Citizen Television on Wednesday, March 1, at 9pm. What should viewers expect?

“You should expect dynamite; you should expect fireworks; you should expect the extinguisher, of course. But, above all, we want to talk about issues. This is a political season, an election year. We want to talk about the issues that people are not afraid to talk about, for instance NASA – the makeup, the combinations; who is going to be NASA’s flag-bearer? Who is going to be the running mate of NASA Presidential candidate?

“Nobody is talking about it, but we can speculate it, we can explore it. Is it going to be Raila-Kalonzo; is it going to be Kalonzo-Mudavadi; is it going to be Raila-Mudavadi? We don’t know, but we can speculate. And if that is the combination, what does it mean for the country?

“Also Jubilee, there seems to be some wrangling, you know? (Baringo Senator) Gideon Moi has been brought into the Jubilee equation, what does DP Ruto think of that? Does he feel isolated? We want to talk about that, and we want to have fun while doing it.

Who will be Mr Koinange’s first guest(s) on JKL on Wednesday, March 1?

“I will be hosting the Grand Mullah himself, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, the fearless senior counsel; driving in with his G63 worth KSh25 million; I hope he comes with it; if he does, it is going to be an Oh My moment. Also on the bench is the man from Emanyuria, Barrack Muluka. Between the two of them, hopefully we will have some good fireworks,” said Jeff Koinange.

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