Midmonth crunch! Here’s the song you should dedicate to people who owe you cash

Has anyone ever “kataliad” your cash?

Though the habit is annoying all-year round, you feel the pinch more during the midmonth crunch – when you are struggling to make ends meet before the next payday.

Well, comedic cover King Kajairo has composed the perfect track to dedicate to those who have refused to pay back “madeni”.

Na Ni Watu Hawa Refundy

Na Kabla Ulimkopa Mambo FIne

Sa Ni Ubishi Na My Money  

The song, which is a cover of Sauti Sol’s 2012 hit Money Lover, follows a rent-evading tenant and his infuriated landlord.

Would you dedicate this Madeni Lover to someone? Watch the clip and let us know in the comments section below.

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