Meru University closed indefinitely

Meru University closed indefinitely

Meru University has been closed indefinitely on Monday October 31 by the university senate following student protests over the death of a student earlier on the same day.

The enraged students claimed that one of their own died as a result of negligence, saying that the school ambulance delayed in rushing the deceased to hospital.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Gitonga Murugu expressed his disappointment over the death of the student.

The unrest led to a few students being arrested by the police and after a few hours of running battles that paralysed transport along Meru-Maua highway, the students were sent packing by the university senate.

Confirming the incidence, Tigania West OCPD Joshua Opiyo said the students had caused damage to university facilities.

The case of the Meru university closure preluded the indefinite closure of Maseno University that was closed late on Tuesday November 1.

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