Mercy Myra to mentor artists for as low as KSh1200 per year

Celebrated afro-pop musician, Mercy Myra, has launched an artist development program aimed at providing tips, tools, and resources to aspiring artists that are essential in developing a successful career.

Myra has teamed up with Grammy Award winning producer and Atlanta’s Artiste Development Coach, Herman Little of Nu Royal Group to create the mentorship program dubbed Mercy Myra Artist Development (M.M.A.D)- an international artist development program for talent of all ages.

Nu Royal group is a diverse group of challenges and individuals creating a culture within music, small businesses to aspire artist and individuals to achieve their greatest potential- Herman Little.

The 2003 Kisima award winner said she will draw upon her experience as a mother and artist while engaging the insight and principle made available by her mentor, Little.

Members of the M.M.A.D program will not only receive monthly artist development tools but also exclusive access to new music.

Membership into the program is subscription based with as low as KSh1, 200 per year.

“Many artists tend to believe the fairy tale that if you have a nice voice and a few likes on Facebook then you will naturally have a successful career,” said Myra.

“This is so not true. I’ve learned so much in the last few years. A balanced individual gives you the competitive edge in becoming a successful artist,” she said.

Jason Lutes, Strategic Director of Nu Royal Records, said, “With the incredible musical background of Herman Little, his ability to cultivate new ideas and relationships combined with the tenacious rhythm of Mercy Myra makes this program essential for aspiring artists.”

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