Mercy Masika: The evil one wanted to finish us on the road


Fresh from winning three accolades in Groove Awards 2016, Mercy Masika has had a tremendous year in music, but she says: “it has been through God’s glory.”

During the 11th edition of the annual Groove Awards ceremony held on June 1 at the Nairobi’s Safaricom Stadium Indoor Arena, Mercy shone – literally and musically.

She was named as the Female Artiste of the Year, her goodly hit Mwema won the Skiza Ring Back Tune Of The Year award while Nikupendeze won the Song Of The Year award.

She shares with eDaily her feeling – and she recounts surviving a grim accident that she was involved in in April, 2016.

EDAILY: You are one of the biggest winners in Groove Awards 2016. How do you feel about your victory?

MERCY MASIKA: I really thank God for His favour. For people to appreciate and vote, it is amazing. I did not push as such and people just loved the music. That is a blessing. I feel like I am doing my purpose.

EDAILY: Even after the big win, you have remained very humble. How do you make sure you don’t let pride be your guide?

MERCY MASIKA: I think it is the grace of God because if you don’t humble yourself, God will humble you. I have seen a lot of proud people and how God deals with them – in as much as they are talented. God does not like the proud. He says: “Humble yourself before me.” I choose to humble myself before the Lord because He lifts me up at the end of the day. And I want to be lifted as much as possible – up to where I want to be.

EDAILY: In April you survived a road accident. Did your perception about life change?

MERCY MASIKA: Yes. In a way you appreciate life and you thank God for every day. I began to thank God every day and when I see the end of the day – and when I see my kids. My husband was the driver on the fateful day, and the amazing thing, people keep asking: “Mercy ako aje (How is Mercy doing)?” even when they call him on phone. Okay, the person they know is Mercy because I am in the limelight. My husband doesn’t mind. But of course he is like: “Please, I am here, you should care a bit”.

He was awake and I was asleep on the night the accident occurred. I think the shock on him wasn’t as much as it was for me. But he is fine, and we are fine.

EDAILY: How did the accident happen?

MERCY MASIKA: The plan of the evil one was to finish us on that road. Where was the car that rammed into us from the rear coming from? It was a Prado and we were in a ka-small Mercedes. I know there is something like God’s protection.

EDAILY: Going into the future, what should we expect from you?

MERCY MASIKA: Socially I think I am more into transforming lives. I believe in God to set up schools and churches in places like Pokot. Musically, I plan to release more music – I will have a new song in July or August. There are plans I wouldn’t disclose right now, but big things are yet to happen.

EDAILY: What has marriage taught you?

MERCY MASIKA: To be patient, to practice Christianity. I think you are tested in every way in marriage. You are tested in terms of your patience, and how you open up your mouth. Taming your tongue is the biggest lesson you learn as a woman when you get married. I think women usually air their opinion more carelessly. I have learnt to tame my tongue and to just speak wisdom; to be wise. Wisdom builds a house, you know?


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