Men,here is how not to dress on your first date

When it comes to dating, first impressions are priceless.

One major factor that determines whether or not you get a second date is your dressing. How you present yourself tells a lot about you, and most likely these are the hints that she will use to decide whether you are a suitable suitor.

If you look disheveled and untidy, give the impression that you have a “don’t care attitude”. She could also take your lack of effort to mean that you do not hold her in high regard; therefore you did not see it fit to dress smartly.

Have you worn a three-piece suit to a dress-down date? She could take it to mean that you a trying too hard to impress her.

So how can you avoid underdressing or overdressing for your first date? What should you keep in mind when selecting an outfit?

Citizen TV’s Fashion Watch  analyst Mr. Robert Burale has the following tips:

  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes

Wearing skinny jeans may reveal your “strongholds” and make you uncomfortable for the entire date. This may end up spoiling your entire date.

She could also wonder whether you were dressing in that manner because you wanted to hint at something.


  • Be neat and well-groomed

Iron your shirt, comb your hair and cut your nails short or keep them clean. This will impress your date and she will be able to tell how responsible you are.

  • Don’t try new trends

Reveal the real you by sticking to your authentic style. Dress in attire that you would probably wear normally, because – hopefully – you may meet the person on a second date. Stick to your true fashion style.

Also, keep in mind that how you dress is expressive of who you are and what you like. Picking something completely uncharacteristic could throw your date off.

  • Don’t overdo accessories

A watch is good, but the moment you wear three bracelets and multiple chains, you’re basically looking more like a 2Chainz wannabe. It’s not a good look.

Keep it simple.


  • Keep graphic T-shirts for boys night

Avoid putting on your “witty” party T-shirt while going for a date. This may give your date an impression that you are a joker, not a man that she should take seriously.

Additionally, some jokes could be offensive to certain people. Avoid this altogether by keeping that graphic T-shirt for boys night.


  • Concentrated cologne

You date should not be able to smell you before she sees you, so avoid overdoing the cologne as this will possibly make your date uncomfortable.


  • Pick neutral colours

Do not wear screaming colours on your first date. This includes yellow, pink, luminous green. The reason is they may divert your partner’s attention.

Other valuable tips are:

  • Avoid make up unless you are to go live on camera. Apply little lip balm to avoid your lips running dry.
  • Avoid dirty clothes or footwear unless you fell down on your way to the date.
  • Do not wear sunglasses or a cap that will cover your face. What are you hiding? Your date needs to see you.
  • Avoid sandals. Wearing sandals to your date will create a bad impression of you. This will probably make her think that you are irresponsible.

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