Mejja: I wish I had apologised before he died

Kenyan artiste Mejja has revealed that a crony of his died years back when they were not in good terms – and that hurts him to date.

In an exclusive interview with eDaily, Mejja said the fall-out, which he did not reveal its genesis, occurred when he was new in showbiz.

“I was stupid. I regret it. I wish I was more intelligent to apologise and be in good terms with him. He died a bitter man. I took some things for granted. Now I am more mature, it hurts. We had fallen out with my friend one day, he fell sick on the same night and he died the next morning. We hadn’t reconciled,” said Mejja.

Despite not disclosing the reason for their rift, Mejja ruled out speculation that he and his friend fought over a woman.

Of being snubbed by woman

The Landlord hit-maker also divulged an embarrassing moment he encountered when a woman of a higher social class snubbed him during a get-together, saying Mejja was from the ghetto, and ostensibly wasn’t supposed to hang out with them.

“Madtraxx is my close pal in however much we were brought up in different social backgrounds. One day we went to a place with him, where ‘ghetto’ people shouldn’t be visiting because of the place’s class. So we met a group of people seated, and naturally we stretched to greet them. Shock on me as one woman refused to greet me, she said: ‘You are from the streets?’ I felt looked down upon, but I did not mind.”

Mejja was born and raised in Majengo slums in Nyeri County. It was a harsh and difficult upbringing in the informal settlement.

Mejja was discovered by Clemo of Calif Records at an event in Nyeri and mentored him to be the artiste he is today.

He has currently teamed up with Madtraxx and KidKora to form the celebrated trio, The Kansoul.

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