Meet the Kenyan who is behind some of Beyonce’s explosive lyrics

First we did it with Barack Obama. Then we followed up with Lupita Nyongo. Now, another person with Kenyan roots is making their impact on the globe – Warsan Shire.

Though she may be new to many in the country, Kenyan-born Shire is one of the top contributors to Beyoncé’s explosive new album, Lemonade.

Born in Kenya to Somali parents, the 28-year-old accomplished poet was raised in London.

Though the exposure from Beyonce’s work has propelled her to international fame, Shire had already made a splash in the artistic world with her poetry.  Shire has published books of poetry — including Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth in 2011 and Her Blue Body in 2015.

One of Shire’s powerful lyrics that Beyonce sampled was: “I tried to change/Closed my mouth more/Tried to be softer, prettier – less awake… ”.

During her hour-long visual album, Beyoncé reads excerpts from For Women Who Are Difficult To Love, The Unbearable Weight of Staying and Nail Technician as Palm Reader.

Interestingly, Ms Shire has shied away from interviews since the release of Lemonade.

Despite her loud silence, the internet cannot have  enough of Ms Shire. Lots of top publications have written about her, praising her artistic mastery.

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