Meet Didi-Stone, Koffi Olomide’s daughter who enjoys staying mysterious


She is a fashion idol based in Paris, France.

Didi-Stone Olomide, the 16-year-old daughter of legendary Congolese musician Koffi Olomide, has set fashion standards only few individuals in her age group can reach.

Lately, French girls have been “double-tapping” on the Instagram feed of Didi – a fashionista who continuously impresses with her unconventionality and out-of-the-box sense of style.

Transformative, beautiful, experimental, ever-evolving are just some of the words used by Vogue Magazine to describe Didi, whom they featured in their January, 2016 publication.

Didi-Stone has mastered the art of the auto-portrait – and much to the delight of her 61, 100 followers. She switches up her coif every one to two weeks, from artistic Afros to slicked-back ponytails and chic head wraps.

She shared with Vogue Magazine details of her beauty routine and her secret to the perfect selfie.

Didi says Rihanna’s experimental tendencies and sense of style inspires her.

“I like Rihanna a lot, because she is never afraid of trying new and unconventional things when it comes to her hair. Sometimes I will see a model in a magazine and I will try her hairstyle, but in a different way or with a different color. I just like to experiment,” she told Vogue.

The teenager says Bantu knots hairstyle is her favourite because it is “fresh, original and super-pretty”.

And on her hair-care routine, Didi notes she does not use chemicals or extensions.

“I rarely do my hair alone. I have a woman who comes to my home to do my mom’s hair and mine. In our culture, this is nothing fancy – some hairstyles can take a very long time, so it is more convenient to do it at home. I don’t use chemicals or extensions. I wash my hair once a week, mostly using Creme of Nature shampoo and conditioner.”

Why she switches up her look, Ms Olomide said: “I feel it is more interesting. People see you differently – it makes you intriguing, mysterious.”

She has on Instagram come out as a lady of flair and wit when it comes to taking selfies that have many “liking”.

What would she advise Grammers to do so that they snap the perfect selfie?

“Find the perfect light, be playful with your eyes, and try to stay natural.”



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