MCSK denied license to collect artists’ royalties

The Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) has been denied the license to collect royalties on behalf of artists by the Kenya Copyright Board of Kenya (KECOBO) and the responsibility has been assigned to Music Publishers Association of Kenya (MPAKE).

The Board of Directors of Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) on Tuesday, March 28, approved the licensing of MPAKE, to collect all royalties on behalf of authors, composers and publishers from March 2017 to February 2018.

The Board rejected the application for renewal by MCSK after it failed to fulfill conditions attached to its last license, amongst other reasons.

MCSK had earlier been denied the license to collect royalties after failing to provide a list of its members, its audited financial statement for the year 2016/2017 and amounts received in royalties.

eDaily sought Elani’s response to this new development, considering some time back they vocally complained about the ‘injustices’ they were subjected to by the MCSK, who claimed that in January, 2016 MCSK paid them a paltry KSh31, 000 for their royalties for television and radio air play.

“The government is aware of the inefficiency of MCSK, the body lacks transparency and their books are not in order. We didn’t seek for more funding from the MCSK; we just needed more transparency and accountability from them, which at the end of the day has happened,” said Bryan Chweya, a member of Elani band.

“Artists work very hard and everyone deserves what is rightfully theirs, even the smallest artists. I applaud the move as a way forward because we just hope it increases accountability and transparency in everything we do as artists.”



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