MC Jessy’s skirt picture triggers hundreds of reactions

Comedian MC Jessy has attracted myriad reactions on his Instagram page after he posted a picture of himself wearing men’s skirt in Scotland, where he currently is in.

The humorist donned a checked grey skirt known as kilt in Scotland.

He accessoried the look with a white shirt, red tie, black half coat, black coat, black pair of socks and black pair of boots.

MC Jessy described the dressing style as “comfortable”.

“I think I will continue wearing more of this in Kenya. I hope Kenyan breeze will behave [sic]. I want to give out all my jeans trousers [now that I have found a new dress code],” wrote MC Jessy on Instagram.

Kenyans, in the hundreds, took to his Instagram page to either call him out, or compliment him for the “good look”.

Naomi Mwaura said: “Please, don’t bring such a fashion statement in Kenya.”

Daniel Moss said: “Go slow on your intake of bhang.”

Keita Fabio said: “All the women, including MC Jessy, let’s meet today at 4pm at Ketatee.”






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