Mavado accuses Demarco of recycling Vybz Kartel’s lyrics

Mavado, Vybz Kartel, Demarco photo/ courtesy

Renown dance hall singer Mavado, born David Brooks, has opened up about their rumored beef with the Lazy Buddy singer, Demarco, saying he copied Vybz Kartel old lyrics in his latest diss track King kong – calling him barber (a reference used by Kartel in their old beef that has since been forgotten).

Following a post on Urban Islandz August 29, Mavado’s representative shared to the outlet that the singer is untroubled by the former table spinner’s lyrics.

“Recycling lyrics takes out the fun out of a lyrical war,” Mavado’s representative remarked. “Where is the originality? It just means that he is not good enough to make his own diss song.”

Earlier on, Mavado, popularly referred to as Gully Gad, opted to pick a jab on Demarco in his Dem Run een song calling him King Kong (a giant movie monster, resembling a colossal ape).

However, Demarco seem contented with the reference and hitherto uses the title in his track uploaded on social media Sunday, August 28.

“Barber calls me King Kong,” he begins. “Have you ever watched the movie? Taking bomboclaat nation for movement.”

*Bomboclaat: a Jamaican reference of a group of youth with a given belief.

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