Maua woman hacked, has arm cut off over witchcraft allegations


A 24-year-old woman from Maua in Meru County is fighting for her life after her head and private parts were injured and her hand was hacked off after a mob attacked her, accusing her of witchcraft.

Mercy Nyoroka, a mother of five, had allegedly bewitched a neighbour’s child in Kathelwa, Igembe Central Sub County.

Nyoroka’s husband Richard Ntoiti says he had gone to buy milk on the fateful day; and when he returned home, he found his wife – whom he had left behind – missing.

On enquiring from neighbours, he was told that unknown persons had taken away Ms Nyoroka.

However, the woman was later brought back injured; with deep cuts on her head, private parts and arms.

The aggressors – who claimed that Ms Nyoroka had bewitched a neighbour and her child – locked their victim in the kitchen and put a mixture of soil and rice in her mouth.

Richard, who is unemployed, has urged well-wishers to assist him foot his wife’s hospital bill. The patient needs to be scanned to ascertain her injuries.

Jennifer Nkonini, a neighbour, observed that cases of violence against women are on the rise in the region; and she has called on Meru Women Representative Florence Kajuju to help the family.

Ms Nkonini has urged police to arrest Nyoroka’s assailants.

Richard Taitimu, Nyoroka’s brother-in-law, claims the witchcraft allegations against Nyoroka had already been reported to Njuri Ncheke elders, and the institution was in the process of handling the matter before unknown persons whisked and attacked her.

Speaking to eDaily on phone, Igembe South OCPD Jane Nyakeruma said that authorities have identified the suspects. They are in pursuit of Jacob Mungathia, Karitu Ntomariu, Luke Athilu, Mwirigi and Munene.


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