Matatu passengers reeling from shock after content of woman’s luggage bag is opened

Passengers, who were traveling to Kimunye from Kutus stage in Kirinyaga County on Friday morning (December 15), were treated to a shocking incident, when a dead child was found in the luggage bag – ‘gunia’ – of a middle-aged woman, who was traveling in the same matatu.

It is yet to be established why the suspect was ferrying a dead child.

The age of the child is also yet to be known.

According to an eye witness, only identified as Danson, the passengers began complaining over a fetid smell emanating from the public service vehicle.

Recounting the incident, Danson said: “There’s a female passenger who’d boarded a 14-seater matatu Friday morning while carrying a ‘gunia’. The PSV was headed to Kimunye from Kutus. When the matatu driver branched at a petrol station to refuel, other passengers complained that a foul smell was emanating from the matatu. They demanded to know who’d carried decomposed goods. They suspected the woman was to blame for the unbearable smell, and ordered her to show what she was carrying in the ‘gunia’, which had been kept in the luggage compartment.

“The woman hesitated, saying she was ferrying meat. The persistent passengers, thereafter, forced her to open her luggage bag. It is then that they discovered the content of the woman’s luggage bag was a decomposed body of a child.

“The passengers descended on her with kicks and blows. Before they could inflict serious injuries on her, police arrived at the scene and arrested the woman.

The child’s body was moved to one of the mortuaries in Kirinyaga County as investigations continue. The suspect remains detained at the Kianyaga Police Station.

Kirinyaga East Sub-county OCPD, Hassan Hussein, confirmed the incident.



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