Marwa response to Junet after the MP used offensive word against him: VIDEO


Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa has played down exchange of words with Suna East legislator Junet Mohamed, who used a pejorative against him when he was a guest on Citizen Television Show, The Big Question, last week.

Using a derogatory term against Marwa, MP Junet claimed that the Coast Regional Coordinator is out to “frustrate” Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho in the name of cracking down on drug dealers in the Coast.

Junet claimed that the government is not genuine in the fight against drugs business; saying words used by Deputy President William Ruto during his Coast tour – that the government won’t be scared to root out politicians involved in the drugs business – targeted Mr Joho.

Joho has since distanced himself from drug-trafficking allegations.

Marwa refutes Junet’s claims, saying Junet is “wasting his resources and energy” fighting against an anti-drug war that the government is committed to winning.

“Junet should tell Kenyans the connection between him and drugs to the extent he abuses me a dog on national television. Let him know that I won’t insult him. I am not going to abuse that guy. I respect him as a leader,” said Marwa in Mombasa after anti-narcotics detectives recovered 15 kilogrammes of heroine from an apartment in Bamburi Monday.

KSh18 million in cash, believed to be proceeds of narcotics sale, was also revovered.

“You are wasting your resources (countering the war on drugs). As long as we are defending Kenyans, we are going to defend Kenyans until the day we’d be buried in our graves. Everyone should know that. The government has to win war on drugs.”

Marwa termed the Monday arrests a major breakthrough in the war on drugs.

Four vehicles suspected to be used to smuggle the drugs were recovered in the operation. Five people, who were arrested in the Monday crackdown, were arraigned in court and detained for five days to enable police complete investigations.


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