Mapenzi Tibim! Babu Owino Valentine’s Day plan for wife, message: [VIDEO]


Controversial Student Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU) Chairman Babu Owino has revealed his Valentine’s Day plan in an exclusive interview with EDAILY.

Owino, who is a married man, says he will spend the special day of February 14 with his wife, whom he refused to divulge details likely to give away her identity.

“I have a family – a beautiful family. This Valentine’s, I would love to spend my time with my family,” he said.

In a special message, Babu Owino declared his undying love for his flame, saying on February 14, “I will be waiting for you”.

This is Owino’s transcript of the special message to his wife: “I would love to tell my wife that I love her so much. On Valentine’s Day, I will be waiting for you. I love our family and I am hoping that God will give us more years on earth – and live together loving each other forever. I love you!”

In a previous interview with EDAILY, Babu Owino intimated why very little is known about his wife and children.

He said he keeps his family under wraps to “protect them from harsh criticism.”

“This is my political life and not their political life. I need to respect my family. My family comes first. Whatever I do – even if it is politics, politics is a very dangerous game – and I wouldn’t want to expose my family to anybody because of security matters. And I also need to protect them from unnecessary verbal attack – there is a lot of rumours and propaganda peddled about me. I keep my family protected; I want them to have peace and enjoy life,” Babu Owino told EDAILY.

The SONU leader is not new to controversy – and a lot has been alleged about him – claims linking him to goons in university, to allegations of him engaging in illegal drugs business.

Babu vehemently denied the claims. Do the allegations affect how his family is perceived; does he discuss the drama around his life with his wife?

“Definitely discussion has to be there in a house, and by the end of the day we agree to disagree on these issues. So complaints from my wife have to be there; but not so much because she knows me – she knows the real me. My wife knows that this man makes the right decisions,” Babu Owino said.

And about his primary family – that is, his mother and father?

Babu Owino said: “My dad passed away when I was in class three. My mum is still alive, she is happy. I love my mum so much. She is hardworking, intelligent and beautiful woman who goes for what she wants.”

Babu Owino, the last born in a family of three siblings, graduated from University of Nairobi in 2012 with a First Class honors in Actuarial Science, and enrolled at the same institution for a degree in law in September, 2013.



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