Manager gives up on “Lamba Lolo” group


The manager of high-riding group, Ethic, who are currently enjoying massive airplay for their hit song, “Lamba Lolo” has warned anyone wishing to manage the 5-member group to keep off, citing unprofessionalism on the group’s side.

Telah Mani, via his Twitter page, says a lot of people had warned him against managing the Ethic crew that has a “toxic” ghetto mentality.

Telah Mani says problems began when one of the crew members negotiated deals for himself under the alibi that he was doing so on behalf of the crew.

According to Telah Mani, the crew had already agreed on a threshold rate for performances, but greed got the better of them, when they resorted to taking offers way lower than their rate card.

“I paid for everything from cab money for interviews that I put together to credit for these guys to keep their socials active.

“Cracks started forming when one of the members says that he does not like the idea of being under a label because he does not why they have to take a percentage (in their favor) of all revenue…Once that was explained and understood, I hooked them up with a team (citing @Iamthe_Theuri and @Moraa_).

“Achana na hawa wasee wanawatumia, ata bookings zetu wanakataa, hawa wasee wanawawaste.”

Telah Mani decided to call it quits after the crew decided to make their own decisions about bookings.

“They had already set their rate which we all agreed on so you’d think that telling somebody with a smaller offer ‘afike bei’ would be understood.

“So that becomes a basis for their arguments as a collective. Like I said, I hate artist management and these guys I felt were diamonds in the rough which I still truly believe. However, I decided to part ways with them at that point. Almost 2 weeks ago,” said Telah Mani.

Telah Mani was, however, keen to point out that the Ethic crew is an extremely talented group.

“They have another 2-4 hits in them,” said Telah Mani.

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