Man who’d gone to look for someone else’s wife at night killed

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A middle-aged man from Kibunja in Molo, Nakuru County, who had gone to look for his lover who is someone else’s wife, was beaten to death by the woman’s husband Sunday night.

According to neighbours, a resultant fight ensued when the now-deceased found the woman and her husband in their house. He was expecting to find the woman in the house alone.

Neighbours said the fight was so fierce that at one point, the woman was heard screaming: ‘Usimpige sana, utamuua’.

A neighbour, John Kuria, said he found the middle-aged man’s lifeless body lying in his (deceased’s) house Monday morning.

Kuria said he alerted the area chief, Hassan Waweru upon the discovery.

Waweru says they found the man had suffered injuries on the head.

Waweru said preliminary investigations show that the man had been killed at a different location and his body dumped in his house.

“We found his shoes about 800 meters away from his house, and his feet were clean; meaning he couldn’t have walked bare footed to his house,” said Waweru.

The police also found, in the man’s house, a handle of a hoe, which is believed was the murder weapon.

The chief said witness testimonies indicated the deceased, his lover and the woman’s husband were all drunk at the time of the confrontation.

“The clothes that the lover and her husband were wearing at the time have blood stains. The two are being held at Molo Police Station,” said chief Waweru.

The middle-aged man’s body was taken to Molo Sub County mortuary.


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