Man who married 68-year-old reveals why he ‘dislikes’ younger women

Ugandan dancehall artiste, Ronald Samawere, known to many as Guvnor Ace has revealed he does not regret marrying his 68-year-old Swedish wife, Mona Lisa; saying that he wouldn’t have considered marrying a younger woman had he been given the chance.

Speaking to Uganda’s WBS TV, Guvnor, 28, said young girls are a ‘financial liability’, and that some are not genuine.

“I have no regrets, because these young girls will ask for airtime and on sending it, they will not even call you, all they do is to beep.”

The Mukadde hit-maker also revealed what exactly attracted his Swiss bride, Mona Lisa, to him.

“I shared my Gutujja video in 2014 on my wall and this was Lisa’s comment, “I like the way he sings though I don’t know what he’s singing about.”

“It was then that I sent her a Facebook request,” Guvnor added.

Rubbishing claims he got married to his wife for money, Ace said: “We’ve been chatting for close to eleven months, so I don’t get it when people say that I’m in it for money. They call her a pensioner but as far as I’m concerned, she is still working and earning.”

He also disclosed that the 68-year-old has often sacrificed to be with him.

“Last December, she opted to come to Uganda to celebrate Christmas with me and since then, we’ve been inseparable. Lisa likes me the way I am and she likes my music too, otherwise someone else would want you to remove your dreads and give up on music just to be with them.

On relocating abroad, Guvnor said, “I’m living a celebrity life here (Uganda) so I won’t be going to Sweden like many thought.”

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