Man, who allegedly killed brother in 2012, returns from detention to kill wife



Police in Busia County are looking for a 38-year-old man, who allegedly killed his 36-year-old wife early this week.

Daniel Enarach, who, according to Teso North OCPD, Wambua Katithi, found his way “scrupulously” out of detention after allegedly killing his brother in 2012, fatally slit his wife’s throat before taking off to an unknown destination.

“He killed her on a mattress in their house, and locked the door from the outside before taking off,” said Katithi.

The body of the suspect’s wife was discovered decomposing inside her house in Kamurai area, Teso North Sub-County on Friday, January 18.

It remains unclear what led to the murder, though neighbours say the couple had argued prior to the incident.

“Enarach had been taken to court on suspicion of killing his brother in 2012, and it remains unclear how he got his way out of detention,” said OCPD Katithi.

The body of the suspect’s wife was moved to Frapa Kocholia morgue in Teso North.

The couple had young children, who have since been taken in by one of their neighbours.

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