Man survives horrific crash, Twitter users don’t believe him

Social media users have refused to swallow the idea that an accident that completely desecrated a car, would have a man live to tell the tale, with only a cut on his forehead as proof.

Cade Halteman from Georgia, USA, has attributed his miraculous survival to God. This has consequently led to innumerable comments, especially from many doubting Thomases, after his photo of the damaged car went viral.

Majority of tweeps have said that his story is a lie as God  could not possibly have saved him and let thousand others perish in road crashes every other day.

The accident survivor has however taken the bull by the horns by posting a second photo trying to justify his story. In this photo Cade asks the pessimists to “stop with the lies.”

To further substantiate his claim, Cade has tweeted saying he can show any further doubters his medical records as well as a picture of his tattoo showing “01.09.18” the date of the accident.

If that is not enough Cade’s best friend tweeted a day after the accident saying that the man truly was in the crash, and that he went to hospital afterwards and witnessed the aftermath. “The story is real,” said, Troy Marenco, Cade’s best friend .

Just as there are two sides of a coin, there are numerous tweeps who have believed his story and agreed that it was truly God’s doing.

Multiple people have written to Cade encouraging him despite the many trolls that have tried to bring him down.

Cade has acknowledged the fact that he does not know how he is still alive after the horrendous ordeal but thanks God all the same.

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