Man strips outside lawyer’s office demanding KSh1.7 million

Report by Oliacha Hassan for eDaily.

There was drama outside a Kakamega-based lawyer’s office Tuesday when a man stripped to his boxers, demanding KSh1.7 million owed to him by the lawyer.

According to Zacheus Okwako the lawyer Jackson Khayumbi had represented him in a labour dispute with his former employer.

However, when the court awarded him compensation, which was paid through the lawyer’s firm, that is when his problems began.

Unable to bear the psychological trauma associated of being broke and jobless, while remaining a millionaire on paper, Okwako stormed the lawyer’s office, stripped down to his boxers and demanded his compensation.

Kakamega police had to intervene and the beleaguered lawyer begrudgingly released only KSh750, 000 in cash, pleading that he be given more time to raise the balance.

Police would however not hear of his pleas and promptly arrested him.

Khayumbi was arraigned before Magistrate Bildard Ochieng with charges of conning Mr Okwako of his compensation between October and November 3 in 2016.

Through his lawyer Gilbert Imbenzi, Khayumbi denied the charges asking the court to dismiss the case.

However, prosecutor Paul Juma would hear none of it.

Magistrate Bildard Ochieng said he will give his direction on January 26.




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