Man slithers, hisses like a snake after killing cobra in Murang’a


Maragua residents were left in shock on Saturday when a middle-aged man mysteriously started acting like a snake, slithering and hissing in a menacing manner.

James Kahara, who had returned to the village from Mombasa, one week ago, killed a cobra that he came across on the road, and since then he has been behaving in a peculiar manner.

Mr. Kihara has adopted snake-like mannerisms and he sees strange creatures. He says the creatures speak to him, telling him that his faith won’t unchain him from the shackles of evil spirits.

“My woes began when I killed a snake on Saturday. I have been seeing snakes and cats approaching me where I am. I have also been seeing three strange women moving toward me. One is clad in a red skirt and the other two are donned in black skirts. The women tell me that there is nothing I can do, and that prayers won’t help me out of this situation. I also see a cat that purrs,” said Mr. Kahara.

James, who lives in Mombasa, travelled to Maragua about a week ago, where he met his woes.

“In Mombasa, I did not have any problem, though I was admitted to hospital after I suffered an illness. When I had healed, my brother brought me to Murang’a. I stayed for seven days, and recently I came across a snake by the road side and killed it.”

Esther Wanjiku, Kahara’s aunt, describes the man’s behaviour as strange and that it direly needs spiritual intervention.

“I was on my way heading home when I saw Kahara on the road moving in a motion similar to a snake’s and producing a hiss. I tried to pray, but I could not. We wish preachers could intervene,” she said.

James Kahara’s mother Mary Njeri believes her troubled son has been possessed with evil spirits, and she has urged ministers of faith to pray for him.



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