Man who shares house with poisonous snakes shocks neighbours


Residents of Kiandegwa Village in Mwea Constituency, Kirinyaga County are reeling from shock after a 20-year-old man decided to keep dangerous snakes as pets.

Peterson Ngure, a Class Six dropout, has been keeping four poisonous snakes in his one-room house for the past six months.

Ngure, who only knows Kikuyu language, said he uses his ‘magical powers’ to communicate with the snakes.

He says he got the animals from a nearby rice plantation.

Ngure has been charging locals Ksh20 each to view the snakes in his house.

Area assistant chief Julius Waweru said he was unaware that Ngure was domesticating snakes, and that appropriate action will be taken against him.

Waweru also revealed that he had, in the past, unsuccessfully tried to convince Ngure into continuing his education.



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