Man makes appeal to DPP after ex-wife changes his daughters’ names

A middle-aged man from Malindi Town in Kilifi County has petitioned the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to investigate the circumstances in which his ex-wife managed to change the names of their two children, and even obtained certificates to legalise the change.

Samson Nyalondia, 40, claims his former wife employed fraudulent means to facilitate the name changes.

He says, as a result of his wife’s action, each of their two daughters has two birth certificates – the original ones, which he has, and the recently acquired ones.

Nyalondia has made an appeal to the DPP to investigate and charge the official who produced the “fake” birth certificates, which legalised the change of names.

The acquisition of the new certificates was done in Rift Valley region, where the ex-wife comes from, Nyalondia says.

The father-of-two further claims that his ex-wife has denied him access to his two children.

“Her actions have affected me mentally. Sometimes I walk on the streets and unconsciously murmur things to myself. When neighbours inquire what’s wrong with me, I tell them that my blood children are somewhere else crying to be with me. They love me; I love them too; they need help, but I cannot reach them because their mum is hiding them from me,” said Nyalondia.

Nyalondia and his former wife divorced recently after their argument-scarred marriage became irretrievable.

(Writing by Sheila Jerotich)

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