Man kills self after neighbour, whom he went on holiday with for 3 months, reunites with husband

A 26-year-old man from Piny Owacho Village in Uriri, Migori County killed himself after a 27-year-old woman he was interested in reunited with her estranged husband.

Kennedy Otieno Jowi, a casual worker, and his love interest, a hotel owner in Rapogi, had just returned to Migori from a three-month “holiday” in Marsabit, when the woman ditched Jowi for her husband.

Jowi’s body was early Wednesday found hanging from a rope tied to a tree in the compound of the woman’s husband.

Area chief Juliet Otieno says Jowi had told his family members that the woman he loved had promised to marry him, only to renege on that pledge a few weeks after returning from Marsabit.

Chief Otieno says Jowi had even written a suicide note and left it with his relatives, when his love interest, a mother of two, told him she was opting out of their relationship.

According to Jowi, he had cut ties with another woman who was interested in settling down with him, as he prepared to marry his fantasy woman.

Jowi’s family, however, managed to talk him out of the suicidal ideation – at least temporarily.

The deceased was taken to Migori Level Four Hospital morgue.

Migori County Police Commander, Joseph Nthenge, says cases of suicide in the county have increased, with at least three incidents being reported every week.

Nthenge has urged the youth and married couples to seek counseling, when faced with moments of frustration or depression.

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