Man kills footballer after finding him ‘on top of his wife’

A Brazilian man fatally stabbed a footballer after he found him “on top of his [suspect’s] wife”.

The suspect, thereafter, severed the footballer’s genitals.

And the wife of the suspect says she woke to find the player rubbing his penis against her before her husband stabbed him.

Cristiana Brittes, 35, is said to have told police that Sao Paulo star Daniel Correa Freitas, 24, was “lying on top of her”, when she woke at her family home in southern Brazil.

Her husband, Edison, has confessed to murdering Correa.

Edison says he caught the footballer raping his wife in their bedroom, while other guests partied in their house, the Dailymail reports.

Asked by Globo TV if he had killed the athlete, the 38-year-old businessman simply answered: “yes”.

However, earlier in a phone call to a friend of the victim, he claimed to have been upset about the player’s disappearance and offered to do ‘everything we can’ to help the family. He described the victim as a “dear friend”.

According to detectives, Brittes claimed that when she found the footballer lying on top of her, she got “frightened and began to scream…. Daniel was excited. (He was) wearing only his underpants. His penis was out and he rubbed it on (my) body.”

Her lawyer Claudio Dalledone Junior said: “Cristiana confirms that she suffered sexual abuse without penetration by (Daniel) who rubbed his penis on her.”

“(At the time) she was drunk, asleep and thought it was a dream. She saw him on top of her and started screaming.”

It is reported the player sent two images in which he appears lying next to Brittes, who is seen sleeping. He allegedly told a friend he was going to have sex with her.

“(I’m going to) eat the mother,” he apparently said.

The mutilated body of the Sao Paulo star was discovered in a bush in Sao Jose dos Pinhais in Brazil’s southern state of Parana on October 27.

An autopsy by the Medical Legal Institute (IML) reported “death was caused by knife wounds”. He had been partially beheaded and his genitals were dismembered after his death.

Before being killed, the victim had partied with the family at a nightclub in Curitiba on October 26 to celebrate the 18th birthday of the couple’s daughter, Allana.

He had then reportedly been invited to continue the festivities into the following day at the family’s house.

A witness told police that when they got to the family’s home, everyone was drinking and talking. Cristiana and Allana went to sleep, and minutes later, Daniel allegedly disappeared from the group.


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