Man in excruciating pain after commercial sex worker bites off his lower lip

A middle-aged man is reeling from pain after his lip was bitten off by a commercial sex worker, who he differed with on payment.

The incident happened on Tuesday evening (June 12) at Migingo Island in Nyatike Sub-County, Migori County.

It is alleged the man refused to meet the commercial sex worker’s fee after engaging in intimacy at a lodging facility on the island.

Witnesses, who spoke to EDAILY, said the two had stayed “long” inside their room, but did not suspect anything was amiss.

Confirming the incident, Migingo Sub-Location assistant chief, Esther Masaku, said the man stormed out of the lodging facility naked with condom still wrapped around his manhood, forcing residents to protect him from the belligerent sex worker.

The administrator said the man’s lower lip had been severed from his body during the attack. It is believed the severed lip remained in the lodging room, given the man dashed out while in pain and confused.

Ms Masaku says neither the commercial sex worker nor the man filed a formal complaint with the police.

Ms Masaku says the man, immediately, embarked on a 127-km journey to Kisumu to seek medical attention. It remains unclear whether the man made it to the lakeside city.

The commercial sex worker’s whereabouts remain unknown.


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