Man falls into neighbours’ trap as he gets caught in the act with someone else’s wife


A middle-aged man from Rafiki in Trans Nzoia County escaped death by a whisker on Monday, October 2, when he was nabbed in the act with a neighbour’s wife.

According to Matisi assistant chief, Moses Bungusa, the man, who had developed a habit of sleeping with his neighbour’s wife, waited until the woman’s husband, a bodaboda operator, had left for work, when he sneaked into her house and got intimate with the woman.

“Angry neighbours, who, for long, had suspected that there was an illicit relationship going on between the man and his neighbour’s wife, laid a trap, which nabbed the unfaithful pair in the act,” said Bungusa.

“The male suspect had developed a habit of engaging in sexual intimacy with the woman, when her husband, a bodaboda operator, left for work.

“On the fateful day, the male suspect waited for the woman’s husband to leave for work, when he went to the woman’s matrimonial house and engaged in sex. The two were nabbed in the act. Police rescued the unfaithful pair from angry neighbours, who were baying for their blood,” added Bungusa.

According to the Matisi deputy administrator, the woman confessed that she began playing the field when her husband’s sense of responsibility deteriorated.

“The woman accuses her husband of being irresponsible, saying he has not been providing for the family; and that he neglected his conjugal duties,” said Bungusa.

The woman’s husband has since thrown her out of their matrimonial house.

It remains unknown where she stays. Her lover, on the other hand, has gone into hiding.



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