Man escapes death by whisker after he was caught in the act with his son’s wife at a lodging

A 65-year-old man escaped death by a whisker Thursday, when residents of Shinyalu busted him having sex with his daughter-in-law at a lodging facility in Khayega Market in Kakamega County.

The elderly man, Muhati Andole, was caught pants down by Shinyalu residents, who had tipped off the woman’s husband after seeing Andole booking himself into a lodging room accompanied by the alleged adulterous woman.

The woman’s husband stormed the lodging and broke the door of the room, where his father was caught having sex with the daughter-in-law.

Angry residents, who milled around the lodging landed kicks and blows on the sexagenarian, when they learned he had been caught having sex with his son’s wife.

According to Khayega Market Chairman, Bernard Anguswa, Administration Police (AP) officers swiftly swung into action and rescued the elderly man from the irate crowd.

The elderly man’s daughter-in-law claims her husband had absconded marital responsibilities, including denying her conjugal rights.

She said, until the incident, her father-in-law was the one providing her with sexual gratification.


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