Man destroys home roof to evict wife whom he claimed was his tenant

Drama unfolded at Gichiche Village in Runyenjes Constituency after a middle-aged man destroyed the roof of a house his wife was living in, saying she had overstayed in his property.

David Kinyua said he had served his wife, Juliet Karimi, with an eviction notice, whose grace period had ended.

Kinyua said he had ordered Karimi to vacate the house by January 18 so that a new tenant could move in.

“I was planning to renovate the house after Karimi’s exit so that the new tenant would find it in good state, but she declined to move out. Karimi, in the past, signed an agreement, as a tenant, to meet her obligations,” said Kinyua.

Kinyua said he was left with no other choice but to remove the roof of the house so as to evict Karimi.

On her part, Karimi said she was shocked when a gang of eight men arrived at her house Monday morning and began removing the roof.

Karimi said she and Kinyua have been married for four years now, and fails to understand how she ended up being referred to as a “tenant”.

Karimi said she reported the incident at Runyenjes Police Station.

“I contributed financially in building the house. I’m requesting the relevant authorities to ensure justice prevails,” she said after she was forcefully evicted from the house, which has four rooms.

Neighbours said they knew Karimi as Kinyua’s wife, and not a tenant.

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