Man chose cow over women for fear of HIV/AIDS

A man in Kibandene village, Igembe South, was found engaging in bestiality early Tuesday morning.

Area residents who spoke to eDaily revealed that they were woken up by the continuous barking of dogs in the homestead where said man was found engaging in the unnatural act.

The 35-year-old man, on further interrogations, disclosed that he had resorted in engaging in bestiality as he was afraid of contracting HIV/AIDS from women.

He further revealed that he lacked the courage to go and purchase contraceptives for engaging in safe and protective intercourse with women.

This, however, angered the resident commercial sex workers – for whom the the area is well known – who offered to even offer him their services for free than have him engage in such disturbing acts of bestiality.

They further added that they were spending countless nights without a single customer anyway despite their bodies being used to the urge for sex.

“We spend days and, sometimes, weeks in the cold with no clients. If we would just have told us he was undergoing such a thing we would have been willing to help him for free,” said one commercial sex worker.

The man, who is currently being held at Maua police station, has come under heavy criticism from the area locals.

“We woken up by that dog’s barking. When we went to see what was happening, we found him standing on top of a stool performing the act on the cow. Even the mud on the cow’s rear part had rubbed onto his private parts,” said a resident in the area.

“I love feeding cows, but after this incident I don’t even know what I will do with this one. And I can’t even sell the cow because everyone around here now knows what happened and nobody would buy such a cow,” retorted the owner of the cow.

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