Man burns cat following quarrel with wife

A 59-year-old man shocked residents of Kaproron Village in Bureti Constituency, Kericho County when he strangled a cat and threw it in fire after falling out with his wife Monday evening.

The man, who works as a forest officer in Nakuru County, reportedly arrived home on Monday evening to talk with his wife about their children’s school fees, when a disagreement ensued.

The man’s elder brother Samwel Koskei said he (suspect) left to go have a drink and later returned, and, thereafter, their fallout escalated.

Mr Koskei says his brother’s wife was holed up in a meeting with their children in the main house.

“My brother did not know what the agenda of his wife and children’s meeting was. When he arrived home, he was accorded a cold reception,” said Mr Koskei.

“My brother, thereafter, asked for food, but he was told no meal had been prepared for him. It is then that he got angry. The children ganged up against him and attempted to beat him up. He, however, overpowered them. The children, nonetheless, managed to escape their dad’s grip before fleeing.”

The man, boiling with anger, went to the kitchen, where he stumbled upon a cat. He caught it, strangled it and threw it in fire. The cat died in the fire.

Elders asked the man to engage in rituals to “seek the cat’s forgiveness” according to the Kipsigis culture.



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