Man brutally attacks wife, commits suicide over conjugal rights


A woman is nursing injuries at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital after she was attacked by her husband for allegedly denying him conjugal rights.

30-year-old Ann Kiru, a resident of Kampi ya Moto in Rongai, is said to have sustained cuts on her head during the Sunday incident following which her husband, John Lokoreno committed suicide.

According to medics at the hospital, the victim is also scheduled to undergo amputation of her right hand.

Akiru said the disputes with her husband began in February when he accused her of having extra-marital affairs.

The woman claimed that she was uncomfortable honouring conjugal obligations as she was experiencing her monthly menstruation, something she says annoyed Lokoreno and made him resort to threats and spying on her using his friends and relatives besides picking random quarrels.

She said, on the weekend of the attack, Lokoren arrived at their home at 8pm on Friday from Naivasha, where he resides, and handed one of his sons a luggage without speaking to her, although he appeared agitated.

According to Akiru, her husband then left their home only to return on Saturday morning threatening her, saying she did not respect him and vowing to “take action” against her.

On fateful Sunday, Akiru says she invited her mother to their home and they lay bare the dispute rocking their marriage, after which she adds that they agreed to put it to rest.

However, as soon as her mother left the homestead, the woman says her husband got into the house where she was preparing a meal, locked the door and attacked her with a panga.

Her mother, who heard her cries during the attack as she had not yet reached far, raised the alarm and neighbours arrived at the scene only to find her bleeding profusely, with her husband having fled.

The neighbors rushed her to Mogotio Hospital from where she was referred to the Level Five facility for further examination and treatment.

While receiving treatment, Akiru says she received information that the lifeless body of Lokoreno had been found in a thick vegetation.

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