Man beats, sends packing daughter-in-law for rejecting his sexual advances

A woman from Muva Village in Embu County has accused her father-in-law of sexual harassment.

Lillian Gatwiri–Kevuti claims, prior to being kicked out of her father-in-law’s homestead, the randy man developed a habit of calling and sending her suggestive sexual messages.

Mrs Kevuti says the elderly man’s behaviour went out of control when her husband Charles Kevuti travelled to Meru on official duty.

She says the quinquagenarian would call her late in the night and ask to sleep with her. When Mrs Kevuti saw that her father-in-law’s actions were getting out of hand, she decided to secretly plan a trip to her parents place, but that did not materialize as the 57-year-old man found out. He consequently attacked her with kicks and blows before ordering her to leave his homestead.

Mrs Kevuti informed her husband of what transpired in his absence; and when he rushed home, he found a large piece of timber nailed diagonally on the main gate to deny them access to the homestead.

When Lillian’s husband sought to find out from her father why he was behaving in a disrespectful manner, the old man allegedly attacked them with a panga.

Mr Kevuti says his father’s alleged actions have shocked him, given his mother is still alive.

The couple has since reported the matter to Manyatta Police Station after Lillian suffered a swollen left leg and sustained bruises on her face.

Mr Kevuti says a friend to the old man confessed to him how her father expressed interest in Lillian, with the 57-year-old saying the middle-aged woman had “grown curvier”, thus tempting him.

Mr Kevuti has rejected calls for the matter to be handled by elders, saying the elders won’t give fair hearing.

Embu North OCPD James Karisa has confirmed the incident to eDaily, saying the couple had filed formal complaint under OB number 12/011/2016.

Mr Karisa says that they are waiting for a doctor to fill Lillian Kevuti’s P3 form so that authorities can take appropriate action.


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