Man, 32, who gave up wife for Ksh180, 000 after she cheated on him makes a quick U-turn


A 32-year-old man, Johnston Munyaka, from Machakos County, who, last week, busted his wife, Mary Mbaika, aged 31, in the act with another man has forgiven his wife; and is ready to take her back.

Munyaka says being a Theology student, his conscience has not been clear, after he demanded Ksh100, 000 in cash and a motorbike valued at Ksh80, 000 from his wife’s lover, Joseph Mwania.

As part of the agreement, Mwania gave Munyaka his (Mwania) motorbike, and had promised to make available the Ksh100, 000 “soonest”.

Munyaka, last weekend, took the motorbike to Kangundo OCS, where Mwania picked it up. Mwania says he is ready to accept back Mbaika, the mother of his three children, who has since moved to her parents’ home in Kanzalu, Kangundo sub-county.

The infidelity drama ensued in Maiyuni sub-location in Kangundo sub-county, Machakos County on Saturday, August 12, when Munyaka, busted his wife in the act with Mwania.

Munyaka, who had been suspecting his wife of cheating, laid a trap Saturday after neighbours had, constantly, told him that Mbaika was cheating on him when he was away from home.

Munyaka is a Theology student at a college in Kitui, and would often leave his Maiyuni home for school.

His wife, Mbaika, would then take advantage of her husband’s absence to engage in sexual activities with her lover, Joseph Mwania, neighbours alleged.

According to Munyaka, his wife was “stubborn” and “had a history of unfaithfulness”.

Munyaka claimed that in February 11, 2014, Mbaika poured paraffin on her chest before setting it on fire after he confronted her with allegations of cheating.

Mbaika, who was rushed to a Machakos hospital in critical condition, was discharged five months later.

After her discharge, Mbaika’s husband accepted her back and compelled her to promise she would be faithful, which Mbaika did.

Mbaika’s alleged philandering ways would resume two years later, when she allegedly kick-started an illicit relationship with a dairy farmer-cum-boda boda operator, Joseph Mwania.

Thirty-year-old Mwania, who is a milk trader in Kangundo, would, time and again, buy milk from Mbaika, and during the frequent interactions, a sexual relationship blossomed, says Mbaika’s husband, Munyaka.

Munyaka says his neighbours constantly reported his wife’s philandering habits to him, but he would not listen or set a trap to nab her, citing a busy schedule.

Shortly after the August 8 general election, when there was a lot of time at his disposal, Munyaka, a Theology student-cum- crop and dairy farmer, set up a trap, which managed to catch the ‘cheating’ wife.

He had made his wife to believe that he had left for school on Saturday, August 12, only to secretly trail her to her lover’s home located in Maiyuni.

Munyaka waited outside Mwani’s house for nearly 30 minutes. After the lovebirds had embarked on intimate action, Munyaka broke into Mwania’s home and nabbed the two having sex.

Munyaka screamed, attracting the neighbours’ attention.

Neighbours, who milled around Mwania’s home, heard a conversation recorded by Munyaka, in which the woman was heard apologising: “What I did was wrong, my husband”.

The drama was taken to the office of Maiyuni Assistant Chief, Consolata Ndunge, who witnessed Munyaka and Mwani signing an agreement that Mwani will pay Munyaka Ksh100, 000 in compensation for sleeping with his wife; and that Munyaka will also receive a motorbike valued at Ksh80, 000 from Mwani; an agreement that has since been annulled by Munyaka.

The signing of the agreement between Munyaka and Mwani, which was rubber-stamped by Ms Ndunge, was witnessed by two other people.

Munyaka’s wife, Mbaika, has since gone back to her parents’ home in Kanzalu, Kangundo sub-county.

Munyaka says his wife took with her dairy cattle, which he uses to raise money to feed his family. He vowed to repossess the cows.

Munyaka and Mbaika have three children aged thirteen, five and three.

Munyaka had earlier said he “won’t accept his wife back into his life after he cheated on her more than twice with different men”.

The couple’s three children are currently in Mbaika’s custody.

Munyaka accused Mbaika of not being the right person to bring up the children, given her moral standing.

He vowed to fight for full custody of the children.






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