Malik reveals why he fell out with his brother Barack Obama


Malik Obama, the step-brother of U.S. President Barack Obama, says the latter became “untouchable” and “out of reach” when he ascended to power, ignoring him (Malik) and even failing to provide for him.

“My relationship with Barack Obama used to be good but since he became the President he has changed. I can’t reach him. We talk, but it is hard. I have been to the White House almost every year and I have to fight to get in,” Malik said in a Fox News interview on Thursday.

“I am disappointed in Barack Obama because when he became President, we had a lot of expectations… You know charity starts at home (sic)… Not that we wanted to get everything, all at once, but at least…,” added Malik.

“I thought we could be a family and discuss this and that, but…I was just disappointed. I would have thought that it would have been different. Before he ran for office, he was everybody’s friend. The office has changed him. I think he has been sucked into that matrix and mesmerized by the power… I think so. He was a different guy – he was humble, and he would listen. There was a soft side of him,” Malik said, adding: “But now he is too formal and stiff. Even when we are alone, there is nothing much that we can talk about that is really heart(y)…you know, brother to brother. He is busy; he has got all this line of people who want to see him…” he said.

Malik says he rarely holds lengthy conversations with President Obama.

“When I see him we talk for maybe 15 minutes, 20 minutes… I myself would have liked for him to do better because he was a community organizer when I first met him. He should have brought us closer.”

Malik recounted an incident when President Obama allegedly snubbed him after he (Malik) requested for a selfie when he visited the Head of State at the White House.

“I was in there (White House) one time and going out, I see a marine. He (Obama) looked like he was the coolest guy I have seen. I wanted to take a picture with him, just to have a picture with him. And my brother said: ‘No.’ I don’t know if it is the security thing. I have tried to get friends just for him to shake hands with him…”

Malik Obama has openly expressed his support for Republican candidate for President Donald Trump.

“I would vote for Mr Trump. He built a fantastic business empire. I don’t see why he can’t do that for the country. Another thing is that the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln. Lincoln freed the slaves,” he said.



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