Malik, Barack Obama’s brother speaks on Trump win after the outgoing U.S. President endorsed Clinton


Malik Obama, the step-brother of U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday, November 9, congratulated president-elect Donald Trump on his victory after beating Democrat Hillary Clinton in the hotly contested U.S. presidential election.

Malik took to his official Twitter handle Wednesday and wrote: “CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT TRUMP! GOD IS GREAT!”

During the presidential campaigns, Malik was vocal in urging American citizens to vote for Trump, saying he would bring change to the global super power, especially economically, given Trump’s success in operating his business empires.

In another revelation, Malik revealed that he rallied support behind Trump simply because his brother Barack Obama, a Democrat, did not behave in a very “brotherly” way when he (Obama) ascended to presidency in 2008.

“My two children died while my brother was president; not even simple condolence. Humiliated and demeaned. God Bless.” Tweeted Malik on Wednesday, November 9.

In a separate past interview with Fox News, Malik Obama had complained how President Obama became “untouchable” and “out of reach” when he was elected U.S. President, ignoring him (Malik) and even failing to provide for him.


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