Main suspect in murder of Murang’a prison warder, Pauline Wangari, arrested on way to Kisumu


The key suspect in the killing of 24-year-old Murang’a prison warder, Pauline Wangari, has been arrested.

Joseph Ochieng was arrested on a roadblock placed at Kipsitet area in Kericho County.

Ochieng was in a Mercedes Benz, which had two other occupants – a man and a woman, who was the driver.

Police say they used the suspect’s phone signal to locate him.

All the three occupants were arrested in the 5pm swoop, and were driven to Murang’a Thursday evening.

According to police, who spoke to EDAILY, Ochieng said he was going into hiding in Kisumu.

Murang’a County Police Commander, Josephat Kinyua, confirmed the arrests to EDAILY, saying they liaised with police officers in Kericho County to facilitate the arrests.

Ochieng will be arraigned on Friday, May 17.

His arrest comes hours after that of Wangari’s boyfriend Peterson Njiru. Njiru was arrested in Murang’a late Wednesday, and arraigned at the Murang’a Law Courts on Thursday. Detectives were allowed 14 days to detain him as investigations into Wangari’s murder continue. Njiru did not take plea.

The key suspect, Ochieng, who has a tattoo drawn on the back of his neck, allegedly entered Pauline Wangari’s house at 9pm Monday and left at 3am Tuesday, a CCTV footage at the deceased’s rented house in Kiharu showed.

Pauline Wangari, a constable at Murang’a GK Prison, was found naked on her bed early Wednesday, with her entire bedding soaked in blood. She had been stabbed multiple times in the head, abdomen and neck.

In her lifeless state, a roll of bhang was — ostensibly — placed between her lips, and a kitchen knife firmly clutched in her right hand.

CCTV footage further showed Ochieng leaving Wangari’s house while carrying a TV set, the deceased’s large bag and her mobile phone.

One of Wangari’s friends, who watched the footage at Murang’a DCI offices on Wednesday, said she knew the man as Wangari’s friend.

Police said Wangari’s murder was reported at Murang’a Police Station by Murang’a GK Prison lead officer on Wednesday 9am.

The murder scene is 500 meters from the Murang’a GK Prison, police said.

Pauline Wangari’s body was found in the sorry state by her work colleagues, who broke down her door on Wednesday after she failed to report to work on Monday and Tuesday.

“Her body was photographed and moved to the Murang’a County Government morgue awaiting postmortem,” read the police report.

It remains unclear why the suspect embarked on the brutal attack.

Police said Pauline Wangari was stabbed three times – a stab in the neck, another in the abdomen and the third in the head.

Murang’a police boss, Josephat Kinyua, confirmed the incident.

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