Magufuli government arrests Wema Sepetu!


Police in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on Saturday arrested over ten people, including popular actress Wema Sepetu, in connection with drug-trafficking.

Wema Sepetu was arrested alongside singer TID, Dogo Hamidu, Clouds FM presenter Babuu wa Kitaa and six others, who are undergoing drug-trafficking investigations at a Dar es Salaam police station.

On Friday, Dar es Salaam Provincial Commissioner, Paul Makonda, released a list of suspected drug-traffickers including police officers and artists, whom he had ordered to record statements at a Dar es Salaam police post Saturday.

Dar es Salaam police boss Simon Sirro said the operation to arrest the suspected drug-traffickers began Friday. Five people were apprehended, and the additional 12 arrested Saturday brings total number of suspected drug-traffickers currently in police custody to 17.

Mr Sirro says a special unit, comprising the police and other investigative agencies, has been put in place to hunt for drug barons operating in Tanzania.

PC Makonda says other suspects slated to record statements with the police on Monday, February 6, include: singer Vanessa Mdee, video vixen Tunda among others.

Despite government’s efforts to end the social ill of drug trafficking across its borders, several Tanzanians have been arrested in connection with this illegal business outside the country.

There are reports abound about a number of Tanzanians having been hanged after being caught with the drugs outside the country, notably in China.

Following public criticism of government laxity in the fight against the scourge, Tanzanian authorities have vowed to push the envelope to curtail the vice of drug-trafficking.


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