Magufuli bans transportation of sand out of Tanzania


Tanzanian President John Magufuli has banned transportation of sand – used for construction – outside Tanzanian borders.

Speaking in Mkuranga District on Friday, March 3, when he laid foundation stone at a tile manufacturing company, Goodwill Tanzania Ceramic Limited, the Head of State said: “From today henceforth, it will be illegal to export sand out of Tanzania. We should put up a firm that washes the sand and use it for architectural work here in Tanzania. At least we will be seeing where the sand goes to, unlike when it is exported.”

Magufuli added: “Tanzania is a mineral-rich country. God blessed us. For long, Tanzania has been taken for granted by the international community. I order the ministry of industrialization and trade and the ministry of mining to ensure that the ban is effected with immediate effect.”

President Magufuli did not specify the action to be taken against those who will defy the order.




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