Madini Classic denies throwing shade at singer Otile Brown

Upcoming Kenyan musician Madini Classic has denied rumors about taking a stab at Otile Brown in a social media post.

“I make real music from talent and I do not have to date socialites for my music to grow and sell,” posted Madini; an update that has since been taken down.

Kenyans on social media reacted to the post saying Madini was referring to musician Otile Brown who is currently in a relationship with socialite-cum-businesswoman Vera Sidika.

During an interview on Citizen TV’s 10 over 10 with Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi on Friday, July 20, the musician cleared the air and said he was not referring to Otile Brown.

“These beautiful people (referring to the audience) come to listen to good music. They do not come for us musicians to show them that we have girlfriends,” said Madini.

“That said, I was – however – not referring to Otile Brown when I made those comments. I only talk for myself, everyone should do their own bit.”

The relationship between the two musicians has not been rosy ever since Madini, on an interviews with a local blog, accused Otile Brown of stealing his style of music.

“I did not know Otile Brown, I only met him casually once. However, there was a time he texted me on Facebook in 2015 asking for links. I helped him as much as I could. Although at that point I only knew Otile Brown as a rapper and not a musician, I was the active singer,” said Madini Classic.

“As an upcomng musician, it is not unheard of that one will copy the style of another musician because they feel that the style is good.”

He further stated that: “In that regard, many people have told me that Otile Brown sings like me. After listening to Otile’s songs, I concluded that he indeed sings like me.”

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