‘M.O.G might get back together,’ reveals former member Boss

Former Gospel group M.O.G  have a chance of getting back together, Boss has revealed.

Speaking during an interview on Mseto East Africa, Boss – one third of the group – admitted that they would be soaring higher than even popular boy band Sauti Sol had they stuck together.

“Sauti Sol were our fans back then and even one of them – Savara – was to feature in our Zing Zing music video as a dancer. They saw us as icons and we saw them as our fans. God does wonders,” said Boss.

The now solo performer further stated that a lot of things led to their break up, citing the major reason being that one of their members – Tony – could not sing.

According to Boss, it became difficult for them to equally share the profits of their music when one was not really singing.

“I don’t want us to get back together and start having issues till people wish we would have just stayed apart. There are a lot of things to be considered and before we settle on them then I don’t think we can get back that together,” he stated.

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